The Sod File



Hello, my name is Andy. Welcome to the site. I promise to try and write more than I have in the past, so bear with me. I love the New York Mets, who never love me back. I’m a sports writer for the Naples Daily News, a job that I absolutely love. I have two children and live in Bonita Springs, a mile from the beach. Follow me on Twitter at NDN_ASodergren or Instagram at @andrewsodergren.

  1. Frank Gazda says:

    Where is the music?

    • asod75 says:

      The music portion of the program will be coming soon. I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say about the upcoming Beatles remasters. Right now, I’m in full-on Mets bitchfest mode. But I will dabble into other realms soon enough. By the way, I rang your doorbell and ran away the other day. Just thought you should know….

  2. Frank Gazda says:

    P.S. I would like a review of the upcoming Miley Cyrus tour.

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