This one goes out to you, Gary

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Mets

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Gary!

As a Mets fan who grew up in the 80s, Gary Carter was one of my idols. A pillar of the great championship 86 Mets team, Carter brought plenty of leadership and a steady hand to guide the young pitching staff to unbelievable heights. His leadership was equaled by his powerful bat at the plate and penchant for clutch hits (something this current group of Mets sorely lacks).
Earlier this week, it was announced Carter had an inoperable brain tumor. As one might expect from a warrior of his stature, Carter isn’t going down without a fight, prognosis be damned.
He is going to be treated aggressively with chemotherapy to try to shrink the tumors and hopefully give him more time with his loving family. Carter lost his mother to cancer at a young age and devoted an almost innumerable amount of time raising money for cancer research. Carter, a devout Christian, was one of the good guys of the game, one of the few members of that raucous 86 team to not partake in the drinking and carousing after the endless stream of Mets wins (now that’s a phrase you never hear anymore).
This all brings me to my next point and another rant against the clueless Wilpons. The numbers of Carter and Keith Hernandez should have been retired years ago. As we are in the 25th anniversary season of the 86 Mets championship and with Carter now in for the fight of his life, it would be the ultimate tribute to right this egregious error and retire the jerseys. They owe it to Gary, who deserves a sell-out crowd chanting “Gary, Gary” like they did in his heyday. This should be an easy decision, which means the Wilpons will bungle it.
Regardless, my thoughts and prayers are with Carter and his family. I’m hoping we get to see him at Citi Field for years to come.

  1. Yankees Fan says:

    You are right, Sod. I cannot believe those two #s are not retired. On this occasion, I’m on the Mets side (well, at least the fans).

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