Giants 2, Mets 0

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Mets

The once-again free-falling Mets lost for the fifth time in six games tonight, getting dominated by Tim Lincecum and the Giants 2-0. Lincecum struck out 12 batters in 7 innings, as the Mets lacked any semblance of an offense. What’s worse, San Francisco fans seemed to take over CitiField late in the game. Guess the Mets fans that were there had no reason to make noise, but it’s pretty embarassing when NL West fans, let alone the Phillies, are making a mockery of the Mets in their own stadium.
As if it wasn’t bad enough, one of the Mets’ top prospects was lost for the season earlier this week with a tear in his elbow. Jenrry Mejia won’t be back until sometime next year, therefore ruining one of the things I was actually looking forward to in this sad sack of a season, seeing the youngster pitch. Wake me up when its 2015 and the Mets are a viable franchise again.


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