Castillo released, Mets fans rejoice

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Mets

My memories of Luis Castillo's tenure with the Mets are littered with lowlights, like this epic failure to lose a game against the Yankees.

In a move that absolutely had to happen, the Mets today cut Luis Castillo with one year and $6 million left on his contract.
Castillo, who must hit the ball five times to get it out of the infield these days, was one of the terrible free-agent signings during the Omar Minaya era, not so much for the money ($24 million) but the years (4) to a one-dimensional second baseman with declining ability. Castillo was in a competition for the second base job, and although nobody has really distinguished themselves, I feel it’s important to cut bait with the remaining dead weight from the old guard. I’d rather see a young guy out there than the old, breaking down Castillo. Hopefully Ollie Perez is next.


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