Giants ownership needs a swift kick to the jewels

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Giants

Following yet another disappointing failure down the stretch, the Giants missed the playoffs despite winning 10 games. And although it’s a travesty the 7-9 Seahawks make the playoffs over the Giants and Bucs (each 10-6) and an even bigger joke they get to host a playoff game against the Saints, the Giants dug their own grave with their annual December choke-a-thon.
Don’t get me wrong, the Eagles debacle was about as bad as I’ve felt as a football fan (I mean one defensive stop in the fourth quarter and the Giants are division champs), the Giants still had everything to play for the next week in Green Bay, yet looked like a semipro team in getting demolished 45-17 by the Packers, committing six turnovers along the way.
The Giants topped a subpar Redskins team (who they own) in the finale by a mere three points, but the result was academic once the Packers beat the Bears.
Countless times under Tom Coughlin, the Giants have started great and then folded late. I know he led them to an improbable Super Bowl title three years ago, but how much longer can the goodwill from that season last? Coughlin hasn’t won a playoff game with the Giants otherwise and has seen his team tank it time and time again. So what does Giants ownership do? Not only do they say Coughlin will be back for 2011, but they are ready to offer him a contract extension. For what? To be the Eagles’ bitches the next two seasons?
There is no way the Giants should have lost six games in a row to the Eagles. No way. Too much talent there. Yet, they have, and it’s only going to continue under Coughlin’s ‘leadership.’
Nice message the ownership is sending to the fans. Missing the playoffs and colossal collapses are acceptable. At least the Knicks are playing well for a change.


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