Celtics 118, Knicks 116

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Knicks

That one stung a little bit.
The Knicks traded punches with one of the NBA’s elite teams tonight and fell just short, dropping a hard-fought 118-116 decision to the Boston Celtics at the Garden tonight.
The Knicks led for much of this contest, thanks to an extremely fast start by Amar’e Stoudemire. Scoring 17 points in the first quarter alone, Stoudemire helped the Knicks grab a 32-24 edge after one.
After that, a pattern emerged. Celtics would come back and get within one a few times, but the Knicks would eventually sprint back out by eight. Rinse, lather, repeat. In fact, the Celtics never took the lead until the game’s closing two minutes.
And what an exciting two minutes they were. The Celtics took a 116-113 lead on a Ray Allen wide-open three (Celtics had a five on four, as Raymond Felton had fallen to the floor after a hard drive netted no points). Danilo Gallinari’s floater plus a foul tied the game at 116, and following a Knicks steal, New York had a chance for the lead but Stoudemire’s shot rimmed out. Paul Pierce, who scored 32 points, scored the eventual game-winner with 0.4 seconds left and proceeded to take a home run trot around the Garden, taunting the Knicks and their fans. He stood at midcourt defiantly, acting like a punk, but that’s o.k. The game nearly had a perfect end for Knicks fans. Just after Pierce was jawing in his ear and taunting him, Stoudemire launched an apparent game-winning three as time expired. The crowd went nuts, but the officials replayed the shot and correctly overruled the basket, as Amar’e clearly had the ball in his hands when the red light went off.
Would have been nice to win this one, but the eight-game winning streak is no more. Still some outstanding individual efforts tonight. Amar’e easily eclipsed 30 points for the ninth straight game, finishing with 39 points and 10 boards. Raymond Felton continues to impress, scoring 26 and dishing out 14 assists while playing good defense on Rajon Rondo. Gallinari had 20 points, including 11 in the third quarter, and Wilson Chandler had 18 points and 12 boards.
Things don’t get any easier for New York, as the Heat and their 10-game winning streak visit the Garden. Would love to knock LeBron and gang off, even more so than I wanted tonight’s game. We’ll see how it goes, but it’s evident the Knicks are a force to be reckoned with now. Nice to have the Garden rocking again.

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