Minor Mets happenings

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Mets

I have to say, I’m really liking Sandy Alderson’s approach this offseason. He’s being very patient, and since the Mets really can’t be expected to be contenders in 2011, there’s no need to add to an already inflated payroll, especially when several hefty contracts (Ollie Perez, Luis Castillo, Carlos Beltran) come off the books after this year.
So far, the Mets have been fairly quiet, but they are making some moves. They signed D.J. Carrasco, a serviceable middle reliever, to a two-year, $2.5 million contract, and also added catcher Ronny Paulino to back up/compete with youngster Josh Thole.
Today, the Mets made a few Rule V draft picks, two of which have a decent shot of sticking with the club with decent springs. Second baseman Brad Emaus was selected out of the Toronto Blue Jays organization (surely J.P. Ricciardi’s influence). Emaus is a soon-to-be 25-year old with good on base numbers along with some power and speed. With the Mets having no clear-cut option at second base (Lord help Mets fans and Luis Castillo himself if Castillo is there this year), Emaus will have the chance to battle for the position with Daniel Murphy, Justin Turner and Crapstillo.
The Mets also chose hard-throwing righty Pedro Beato from the Orioles. Beato is a New York area product, a guy the Mets drafted in 2005 out of high school but didn’t sign because the team was strictly adhering to the slotting system set up by Bud Selig. Beato eventually was drafted in the first round the next season by the Orioles and struggled mightily as a starter his first four years in their organization. Last year, he was converted into a late-inning reliever and had much more success, and with the Mets having some holes in the bullpen, he’ll get a shot. If the Mets were foolish enough to keep top prospect Jenrry Mejia in the pen instead of starting (stunting his development for a year), they can carry a project in the back of the pen, especially since they likely won’t be in the race this year.
Alderson continues to look for value in the starting pitcher market, but he isn’t going to overpay injury risks like Brandon Webb, Chris Young or Jeff Francis. Stark difference from the Omar Minaya regime, and I love the patience.
He signed former Twin Boof Bonser to a minor-league deal, and while I doubt Bonser will contribute much, he’s a former top prospect who had some early success in Minnesota before injuries took their toll.
The Mets need to make moves like that to create competition in spring training, and Alderson has said he’s willing to wait into January to sign a starter.
I really look forward to next year’s draft, as I believe the Mets will finally put a premium on player development, something pretty much ignored in the Minaya regime. You have to build from within, and while it may take some time, this is the way the Mets should go.

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