Giants 31, Redskins 7

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Giants

I’m back from a well-appreciated respite in Cozumel with my wife, and it’s time to blog again.
The Giants are in the thick of the NFC playoff hunt, running all over the Redskins on a cold and blustery day in New Jersey. The 31-7 win (in which Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw ran for a combined 200 yards and four TDs) came on the heels of last week’s season-saving comeback win over the Jags, improving their record to 8-4.
I can’t emphasize enough how important last week’s win was. Down 17-6 at halftime, the banged up Giants came back to post a 24-20 win thanks to an improved defensive effort and the strong right arm of Eli Manning (who has proven quite adept at the comeback victory during his career). The G-Men got a break last week when the Bears topped the Eagles, so now both teams are 8-4 with a huge showdown looming in two weeks.
Can’t look ahead to that one though, as next week’s game in Minnesota won’t be easy. The Vikings appear to be doing exactly what the Cowboys did, playing more inspired football under a new coach. And with gimpy, moldy old pervert Brett Favre possibly out of the game, the Giants will face a mobile QB in Tarvaris Jackson (who actually looked good today in a thrashing of the Bills). The Eagles face the resurgent Cowboys in Dallas, so that isn’t a gimme win as it appeared a few weeks ago (just ask the Giants). It’s looking more and more possible only one team from the NFC East will make the playoffs. If the season ended today, the Eagles and Giants would both get in, but the Giants still have a game against the Packers (also 8-4 but with a slightly worse conference record than the Giants) in Green Bay remaining, so I’m still a bit uneasy about the playoffs. 2-2 over the next four might not cut it.
But at least they’re in the thick of it.


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