Eagles 27, Giants 17

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Giants

Eli Manning's failure to slide cost the Giants any chance of a late comeback against the hated Eagles.

I hate when my teams do this to me. For the better part of three quarters, the Giants’ offense looked about as effective as a blind air-traffic controller. The defense was doing a decent job of containing Michael Vick and the tough Eagles offense, but a few turnovers and general poor play by the Giants’ O (and strong play by the Eagles’ D) had the Giants trailing 16-3 late in the third quarter.

As Eli Manning has done many times in his Giants’ career, he got it going late, with the defense also chipping in with big plays to give the Giants good field position. New York scored on consecutive drives to take an improbable 17-16 lead early in the fourth and I went from total resignation to elation in no time.

Here I was, one week after the worst sports weekend perhaps in my entire life (Bloomsburg University lost conference title game, Penn State got blown out after dominating first half vs. Ohio State, Knicks lost twice including giving up a 31-31 performance by Kevin Love, then Giants get wrecked by the 1-7 Cowboys), I was getting ready for a perfect sports weekend.

With Bloomsburg and Penn State winning and the Knicks now on a three-game winning streak, the Giants were the only team left and their game with the Eagles was the one I wanted the most. A win would put them all alone in first place in the NFC East, while a loss would drop them out of the playoff race for the time being. Of course, the Eagles rallied in the fourth quarter, getting a huge 50-yard TD run by LeSean McCoy and two-point conversion pass from Vick to Anthony Avant to go up 24-17.

On the ensuing Giants’ drive, Tom Coughlin made a gutsy (actually stupid) call to go for it on 4th and 6th from his own 45 or so with three minutes left and all three timeouts remaining. Eli dropped back to pass, then stepped up into the pocket and saw a ton of running room. So, the lead-footed Manning took off into the Eagles’ secondary for a 15-yard run and key first down. Eli sometimes leaves his brain in the locker room, because all he had to do was slide to keep the chains moving. Instead, he dove for the first down but lost the ball before he was touched. Eagles recover the fumble, Eli puts on his well-known hang-dog expression, and the Eagles go on for the win.

Giants drop to 6-4 and could be well on their way for a second consecutive late-season tank. They’ve lost two in a row and just two weeks after looking like the kings of the NFC, they’ll now have to scramble just to get into the playoffs.

If they somehow miss the playoffs, Coughlin should be canned and the team should start its full-court press of Bill Cowher.

As much as it pains me to say this, the Eagles look like a viable Super Bowl threat. Their defense is making big plays to go along with the explosive offense led by the lightning-quick Vick. Dog’s worst friend, Vick is better than he ever was in Atlanta. The way he’s playing reminds me of Steve Young, only with more speed and a better arm. That’s scary. He’s got speedy receivers and a dynamic running back in LeSean McCoy, when Chunky A (Andy Reid) decides to run the ball, which happens less frequently than Halley’s Comet sightings. The Giants are going to have a tough time catching this team, and only a Vick injury could stop the Eagles from making a deep run in the playoffs.

I’ll get to the Mets’ hiring of Terry Collins’ another day, I’m too ticked off from the Giants’ game to discuss this rather unexciting move.


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