More playoff teams? Why, Bud, why?

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Odds and Sods

Bud Selig continues to show why he’s the worst baseball commissioner in history. Not only did he oversee (and basically approve until the government intervened) the steroid era, he oversaw the cancelling of a World Series due to an owners (which he sided with, being a former owner himself) lockout and has generally wussified the game with ridiculous rules and suspensions whenever a pitcher goes inside or retaliates for one of his players getting plunked.
Interleague play, a somewhat interesting novelty the first few years, has proven to be a bad idea, taking away league matchups that actually matter. He stupidly made the All-Star Game “count” by giving the winning league home-field advantage in the World Series (an exhibition game should have no bearing on the postseason, but tell that to “Smoking a” Bud). He already expanded the playoffs with wild-card teams, and while it has made the regular season more interesting, it somewhat cheapens the playoffs, as the best teams often aren’t in the World Series (see this year for example). Now, he wants more playoff teams. Two more wild-card teams to be exact. Not quite sure how he’s going to accomplish this, since baseball already runs into November. I’ve heard the two wild-card teams in each league would meet in a three-game series, with the winner advancing to the divisional series. Meanwhile, all other playoff teams get at least three days off while the rust settles in. This is yet another money-grubbing idea from Selig, who really exists for one reason – to make owners money. He’s been bad for the game in almost every way, and I can’t wait until this pompous pencil-pushing geek is gone from the game I love.


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