Mets’ season on life support; Omar, Wilpons do nothing (as usual)

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Mets

Here we are, the season teetering out of control for the New York Mets, yet nothing seems to be getting done.
The Mets are fresh off a disastrous 2-9 road trip in which they were shut out four times and lost winnable game after winnable game due to a pathetic offense, yet hitting coach Howard Johnson still has his job. In fact, Kevin Burkhardt of SNY just tweeted that the Mets aren’t expected to make any coaching changes at this time. I’m absolutely flabbergasted, but yet not totally surprised, since this is the Mets we’re talking about.
The Phillies fired hitting coach Milt Thompson last week, a guy with a much better track record than HoJo of actually being good at his job. Yet, the Phillies’ once high-powered offense was struggling and Charlie Manuel made the move. Coincidence or no, the Phillies are winning and scoring again.
The Mets’ once promising season is looking like yet another lost opportunity, as New York sits at 50-49 in third place in the NL East, a distant 7 1/2 games behind the Braves. The Phillies are all of the sudden three games ahead of the Mets and the fourth-place Marlins can move into a tie with New York for third with a win tonight. The Mets are closer to last place than first place.
Yet nothing is happening. Jerry Manuel’s moves and poor use of the bullpen continue to defy logic, yet he remains employed. I mean how many times is Pedro Feliciano going to allow a big hit to a righthanded batter before Jerry realizes the guy is a left-handed specialist only. It cost the Mets again yesterday. And using Elmer Dessens and Ollie Perez before K-Rod the other day was inexcusable. Why wait for the save opportunity that may never come? Actually using Perez in any spot is inexcusable, but that’s more Omar and the Wilpons’ fault than Jerry’s.
The trade deadline is coming up, and it will be interesting to see what the Mets do. If they lose the series to the red-hot Cardinals (especially if they are swept) they might as well sell off whatever useful pieces they can and build for next year. I feel Omar has waited much too long to make a move to improve the club, I was hoping it would come before the disastrous road trip. They keep saying the team needs starting pitching, yet the Mets lost six games on the trip in which the starters allowed three or fewer runs (4 of those were outings of two or fewer), so what good is another starter when the team can’t hit?
HoJo should have been fired long ago yet still remains on the bench. They’ve got guys on the roster who can hit, they just aren’t doing it. And as it has been the last few years with this team, everyone seems to go into a funk at the same time. Jason Bay, who has been dreadful all year, finally made corrections on his own the other day and is showing signs of snapping out of it. HoJo seems to serve no real purpose at this point. Anyway, the Mets are in dire straits. Another horrible week and the season is for all intent and purposes, over. The only positive might be the removal of Manuel, his coaching staff and (if we’re lucky) Omar before the start of the 2011 season. Something needs to change with this club, the sooner the better.

  1. gategem says:

    I posted this link on a fellow blog we both post on and was rebuffed by one of the originators of the site. The post was a link to amazin’ avenue that reflected their beliefs about ownerships attitude toward the fans. Here is the link:

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