Mets suck on the road, what else is new?

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Mets

After teasing us with an outstanding homestand against two top-notch opponents, the Mets have come back to earth. In other words, they went on the road. Facing a Milwaukee Brewers team that had won four, count em, four games at home this season, the Mets have dropped back to back games in frustrating fashion. One day after Jerry “Clueless” Manuel lifted Johan Santana after eight shutout innings only to see the bullpen serve up a walkoff homer, Manuel inexplicably started Fernando Nieve, his most overworked bullpen pitcher. Nieve hasn’t been effective of late, so let’s reward him with a spot start. Great strategy. Sure enough, Nieve was rocked and worse yet, Oliver Perez came in out of the pen for some more punishment. Meanwhile, the guy that should have started the game (the guy that’s the most stretched out of any of the remaining bullpen pitchers) Raul Valdes, was nowhere to be found. Typical brainless managing by Jerry Manuel.
The Mets lose the game 8-6, with their bats going utterly silent for the last five innings. This against a Milwaukee bullpen that has struggled to get anyone out all year long. Mets try to avoid the sweep tomorrow, with knuckleballer R.A. Dickey taking the hill. Meanwhile, Roy Halladay tosses a perfect game. Looks like the Phillies have righted the ship….

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