Mets need to fire somebody and soon

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Odds and Sods

Another night, another disappointment. The Mets let another winnable game get away, falling to the Washington Nationals 5-3 in a contest where Angel Pagan hit an inside the park homer and started a triple play. Still couldn’t win.
Tonight’s loss is pinned squarely on the Mets’ idiotic manager Jerry Manuel. Why this guy still has a job is beyond me. Same with hitting coach Howard Johnson and pitching coach Dan Warthen. These guys just aren’t cutting it. Tonight, with the game tied and rubber-armed knuckleballer R.A. Dickey on the hill, Manuel inexplicably lifted him for a pinch hitter in the seventh with a man on first and nobody out. He sends up pinch-hitter Alex Cora to get this, lay down a sacrifice bunt. With Dickey pitching well and only at 96 pitches to that point, why didn’t genius Manuel just let Dickey put down the bunt. The Nationals had the bottom of the order due up and the Mets’ bullpen has been overextended all year. Cora got the bunt down, but the Mets did nothing after that and worst of all, Dickey was out of the game.
Then, if that move wasn’t bad enough, Manuel’s pitching choices in the seventh were curious, to say the least. He started off with Raul Valdez to face Roger Bernadina. Fine, lefty on lefty. Bernadina doubles down the left field line, taking third on a grounder by Ian Desmond. Now, here is where I have another major problem. The Nats send Mike Morse up as a pinch-hitter. With better lefty hitters like Adam Kennedy and Willie Harris on the bench, Jerry decides it’s time to bring in Fernando “Everyday” Nieve into the game, playing right into Nationals manager Jim Riggleman’s hands. He counters with Kennedy, who lifts the go-ahead sacrifice fly and Jerry proceeds to watch as Nieve (who has been awful lately) walks Nyjer Morgan, gives up an RBI triple to Cristian Guzman and an RBI single to Ryan Zimmerman. Ballgame. Terrible managing, but it’s what I’ve come to expect from Jerry.
I’m beginning to accept the fact that this year’s Mets team just isn’t very good. They’ve been competitive in just about every game, but can’t get the key hits when they need them. That said, they’ve literally had a few wins flushed down the drain by Manuel’s awful managing. Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya missed a golden opportunity this week to fire everyone. Now, with series against the Yankees and Phillies looming, it’s going to get even uglier. When does football season start again?

  1. GravediggerHebner says:

    I’m less on the “Jerry Manuel is ruining my life” train than many others but even I wondered aloud why R.A. Dickey wasn’t simply left in at that point, especially considering the apparent objective was to bunt. Even if you were dead set on taking him out of the game you could’ve saved a pinch-hitter for later by just having Dickey bunt there.

    Monday 8/16 Giants versus Jets at the new stadium on ESPN is the first pre-season game, Jets as home team.

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