Album review: The Dead Weather, Sea of Cowards

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Album Reviews

Sometimes referred to as Jack White’s third band, The Dead Weather came together just last year and already have been quite prolific.
They released their excellent debut album Horehound, toured and reconvened to record a second album, releasing it within a year of their first. Not bad these days, when bands often take years in between recordings.
But Jack White is cut from a different cloth, putting out music at a breakneck pace, much like artists did in the 60s and 70s.
All three of White’s bands are outstanding, but I find myself really getting into the Dead Weather. White serves as the drummer in the Dead Weather, also teaming up with Alison Mosshart on vocals. Rounding out the band are Raconteurs bassist Jack Lawrence and Queens of the Stone Age multinstrumentalist Dean Fertita on lead guitar.
The latest effort again mixes down and dirty blues with some Led Zeppelin-like flourishes, an album that sounds both modern and classic at the same time.
The first half of the album contains the singles “Blue Blood Blues” and “Die by the Drop” and both are excellent, probably the most developed songs on the album. Mosshart and White trade lyrical barbs on “Drop,” singing “I’ll take you for worse or better” and “I’ll make you feel worse or better” with plenty of venom.
Some of the songs feel a little underwritten, but that’s fine because the performances are always top-notch. In fact, it often feels like the band came up with the songs on the spot and put them to tape, giving the album a sort of spontaneous feel. “I’m Mad” especially has this feel, with Mosshart chanting “I’m Mad” several times and adding a devious laugh each time.
The album literally flies by, clocking in at just over 35 minutes. Most of the songs are less than three minutes long, and the album flows extremely well, with many tracks blending in seamlessly, like you’re listening to an extended medley/jam session.
The Dead Weather have delivered another keeper, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the band can do in the future. They haven’t yet delivered a classic album, but with the talent on hand, I’m sure it’s coming.

Sod rating: ****

  1. Now seems like an excellent time to thank you for bringing this band to my attention.

    When I was younger I kept up with music as it was unfolding all around me but I no longer do so when you reviewed their first album I had not heard of them. After reading your review I picked it up and really enjoyed it.

    I’ve only got “Die By The Drop” so far (free download from but I look forward to the rest of the new one.

    Thanks again for turning me on to this great sounding band!

    • Andrew Sodergren says:

      No problem, Grave. You’ll enjoy the new one. This band rocks big time, and they haven’t hit their peak yet. Look forward to seeing what they can do in the future.

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