Reality sinks in: Mets pulverized by Phillies

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Mets

It certainly didn’t take long for reality to sink back in for the New York Mets and their fans: this team has a long way to go before it can be labeled a contender.
Sure, the eight-game winning streak was nice, capped by that 9-1 win the other day against the Phillies. However, that win seemed to wake the Phillies up, and they went on to crush the Mets in the next two games by a combined score of 21-5.
Sunday’s 11-5 loss was extremely frustrating, because it was a game that on paper, the Mets should have won. Johan Santana against Jamie Moyer is a mismatch and early on, it appeared the Mets would cruise. New York scored three in the first and two more in the fourth (courtesy of homers by David Wright and Rod Barajas) to take a 5-2 lead into the bottom of the fourth. Then, with two outs and a runner on third, the roof inexplicably caved in on Santana. He gave up an RBI single to Raul Ibanez, then another single to Juan Castro. He walked Carlos Ruiz on four pitches and then came the killer. He walked 95-year old Moyer to force in a run. You just knew the grand slam was coming, and Shane Victorino delivered it. But it still wasn’t over. Placido Polanco singled and Chase Utley homered to finish a nine-run inning. Santana allowed 10 runs in 3 2/3 innings, his worst start ever.
Coming into the game, Johan had great numbers but there have been signs of trouble before tonight. He has been struggling with command all year and isn’t going as deep into games as he had been. His velocity has been down, although tonight it was better than the last time out, his location and command was just putrid.
The thing that may have frustrated me more than Johan’s pitiful outing was the way the offense just seemed to mail it in the rest of the way. There were five innings left, and Moyer was still on the hill and a terrible Philly pen awaited. All the Mets could do was manage one walk the rest of the way. One stinkin’ walk, and that’s a big problem. This team is still weak mentally. When things are going great, they play well. But when they fall behind, they fall apart and seem to quit. It’s been this way for awhile, although getting guys like Jason Bay and Jeff Francoeur are moves in the right direction.
And now for my annual Jerry bashing. Manuel was an idiot to start Gary Matthews Jr. tonight, and he predictably went 0-for-4. He’s now hitting .140 or something. Fernando Tatis also got the start over rookie sparkplug Ike Davis, and Tatis went 1-for-4. Hey Jerry and Omar, you’ve got to cut guys like Matthews and Frank Catalanotto. They’re has-beens and giant wastes of roster space.
The Mets travel to Cincinnati to take on the Reds, with headcase Oliver Perez taking on rookie Mike Leake. I’m predicting a third loss in a row for the Metropolitans….


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