Manuel’s lineup is curious, to say the least

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Mets

After seeing their winning streak end at eight games with a 10-0 drubbing by the Phillies yesterday, Jerry Manuel decided to do a little lineup tweaking for tonight’s game.
He started Gary Matthews Jr., he of the .160 batting average, in place of Angel Pagan tonight against 500-year old Jamie Moyer. He also started Fernando Tatis in place of Ike Davis. Don’t have as much a problem with this, but Ike is a far superior defender than Tatis and you’d like to put a good defensive unit out there with your ace (Johan Santana) on the hill. Plus, it’s not like Moyer is your typical lefty who is dynamite against lefty hitters. In fact, he’s not all that tough against anyone anymore, so you might as well put your best players out there. And if you must play Matthews, don’t bat him leadoff. Hope I’m wrong and GMJ has three hits, but since HGH isn’t allowed in the game anymore, I doubt he will…..


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