I’m fired up

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Mets

Yes, I’m at work at the moment but I can’t help feel excited about this weekend’s series with the Phillies. One, it feels good the Mets are playing well and somewhat relevant right now (after the 3-7 start, I was thinking the worst). Plus, this is a rivalry that is good for baseball. Sure, it doesn’t and never will get the attention of the Yankees-Red Sox, but baseball is better off when the Mets and Phillies are both good. Mets fans hate the Phillies, Phillies fans hate the Mets, all is right with the world. Last year, when the Mets were a joke and basically a shell of a team with all the injuries, I know Phillies fans were loving it. But I’m sure beating the Mets didn’t provide the same satisfaction (although I know they still loved it) as it did when they beat them out for two divisional crowns the previous two years. And for Mets fans, they’d love nothing more than to see the Phillies knocked from their perch atop the division and the league.
That said, this series is far more important to the Mets than the Phillies. The Phillies are two-time league champs, winning the World Series two years ago. They’ve won three division titles in a row, they know how to win. If the Mets can win this series, their fans will be energized and have some hope this seven-game winning streak wasn’t just a mirage. Yes, it’s only April 30th. There are 140 or whatever games left in the season, but I see this is an important series for the Mets. They can make a statement here, let’s hope it’s not one of “here we go again…..”


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