Davis era about to begin

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Mets

Ike Davis connects for an opposite-field double during spring training. The Davis era is about to begin in New York.

Despite another series loss, which puts the Mets at a putrid 4-8, I’m actually a bit upbeat. For it looks like the Ike Davis era is about to begin in New York.
Davis, a 6-4 215-pound sweet-swinging first baseman, is about to get called up to the Mets, according to several published reports. It can’t happen soon enough for this anemic offense, stifled again 5-3 tonight by the Cardinals (I’ll get to that in a bit). Davis was hitting .364/.500/.636 at Triple-A Buffalo with three doubles and two homers, walking nine times. He mashed in spring training as well, vastly outperforming Mike Jacobs (and Daniel Murphy for that matter). The Mets, understandably at the time, thought Jacobs could hold down the fort while Murphy recovered from a knee injury and Davis got some Triple-A experience. But with the team struggling to score runs and Jacobs flailing away pathetically most games, they aren’t waiting. Davis had a strong year last year, batting .298/.381/.524 with 20 homers and 71 RBIs, adding 31 doubles across two levels. I’ve seen him play a few times now, and he definitely looks ready. Sure, it will take some adjusting, but he’s got a plan at the plate and works the count pretty well.
Now, for tonight’s atrocity. Ultimately, you have to tip your hat to Adam Wainwright. Aside from a rough second, the guy was awesome tonight. But what in God’s name provoked Jerry Manuel to trot out a spring training lineup out there?
Yes, I know the Mets played 20 innings, but batting Frank Catalanotto in the cleanup spot. Even when he’s hitting (which he isn’t), he’s a singles hitter. He had never batted cleanup anywhere before. And why does this sack of excrement continue to bat Angel Pagan eighth? He was one of the few bright spots in the marathon game, and he had two more hits and two RBIs tonight. He’s got to be batting second, especially with Reyes struggling. With Jason Bay and Luis Castillo sitting, the lineup should have looked like this: Reyes, Pagan, Wright, Francoeur, Matthews, Catalanotto, Barajas, Cora, Maine. Instead, it was this: Reyes, Cora, Wright, Catalanotto, Francoeur, Matthews, Barajas, Pagan, Maine.
Granted, both lineups aren’t worldbeaters, but my lineup is much better than Jerry’s. He seems to believe that you absolutely have to separate the righties and lefties in your batting order. I can buy splitting lefthanders up (so a manager can’t bring in a lefty specialist late in the game), but righthanders can hit back-to-back. Happens all the time. He just didn’t get it. He kept trotting Jacobs in the No. 4 and 5 spot while Francouer was hitting No. 6 and batting over .400. Get your best hitters more chances at the plate, nimrod! This guy can’t manage, all there is to it.
Oh well, Cubs into Citi Field for four games. Wonder if Omar will be happy with one win yet again….


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