Mets 2, Cardinals 1, 20 innings

Posted: April 17, 2010 in Mets

No, that’s not a misprint. The Mets-Cardinals game went 20 innings today, most of them scoreless.
Starting pitchers Johan Santana and Jaime Garcia were both dominant, and long gone by the time the game was decided.
Due to Tony LaRussa’s typical overmanaging, the Cardinals were out of pitchers, so they had to bring in position players for the last three innings. And the Mets still struggled to score.
Still, the Mets’ pitching staff was wonderful today. Give a gold star to Hisanori Takahashi in particular, who worked out of a first-and-third, no out jam in the 14th inning, striking out the side to escape.
Actually, the one reliever who’s supposed to close the door, didn’t. After the Mets scored on a Jeff Francoeur sacrifice fly in the 19th, Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez coughed up the lead. Things could have been worse, but Ryan Ludwick inexplicably tried to steal second with Albert Pujols at the plate. He was thrown out, and Pujols of course doubled and eventually scored on a Yadier Molina single.
Mike Pelfrey actually has more saves than K-Rod, as he worked the 20th. Crazy game, but at least the Mets won it.
The teams go at it tomorrow night, with John Maine taking on Adam Wainwright in the rubber match. Hope that one is over in regulation.


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