Posted: April 16, 2010 in Mets

After tonight’s debacle of a loss to the Cardinals, a game in which Oliver Perez pitched extremely well, it is glaringly obvious that Jerry Manuel must be fired as manager of the Mets.
He made so many mistakes in the critical seventh inning, it’s hard to believe he’s a big-league skipper.
First off, Perez’s pitch count was under 100 and the bottom of the order was up. He gave up a leadoff single and then a sacrifice bunt and Manuel brought the hook. That was the first mistake. The second mistake was bringing in Fernando Nieve, who has been erratic. Nieve promptly hits Skip Schumaker on a 1-2 pitch and then walks pinch-hitter Matt Holliday to load the bases. Manuel should have gone to Ryota Igarashi or Pedro Feliciano there. Then comes mistake number three. With the game hanging in the balance, he goes to untested Raul Valdes. Yes, Valdes has pitched well in meaningless situations for the Mets and he’s a good story (Mets got him on loan from a Mexican League team), but where was Feliciano? You know, the guy that has been a big part of this bullpen for five years or so now? Of course, Valdes gives up a grand slam to the almighty Felipe Lopez, 4-1 Cardinals. He made yet another mistake that didn’t cost him, by allowing Valdes to finish the inning with a slew of right-handed hitters coming up. WTF? I’m flabbergasted and extremely pissed off. This team finds new ways to lose and just 10 games into the season, already trails the first-place Phils by five games.


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