Nats 5, Mets 2

Posted: April 11, 2010 in Mets

That certainly didn’t take long. Six games into the season and I’m already thoroughly disgusted with this shell of a team.
The Mets fell weakly to the Washington Nationals, 5-2, capping a lackluster 2-4 opening homestand to the Marlins and powerful Nats.
Johan Santana didn’t have it today, surrendering a grand slam to Met killer Josh Willingham in the first, and you pretty much knew that was it. Not that the Mets were facing a great pitcher, mind you. Over the hill Livan Hernandez, who has pitched pretty poorly for much of the last three seasons, tossed seven innings. Just like the last couple years, when the Mets fall behind early, you never get the sense they’re going to come back.
And really, Jerry Manuel has got to go. Why he keeps insisting starting Gary Matthews Jr. in centerfield over the more effective and dynamic offensive player, Angel Pagan, I’ll never know. Matthews came up several times with chances to drive in runs, going 0-for-4. If someone is going to start over Pagan while Beltran is out, it should be super prospect Fernando Martinez, not Matthews, who has never had a great year without the benefit of pharmaceutical assistance.
And so the Mets look like they did for much of last year, listless and uninspired. I nominate Wally Backman for manager. Or Gary Carter. Or anyone with a brain.


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