Was away last few days

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Mets

A friend was in town visiting me, so I’ve been away from the blog a couple days. We attended the Orioles-Rays game last night, the Rays are looking like they’ll challenge the Yanks and Sox for AL East supremacy this year. Matt Garza was outstanding, tossing eight strong innings, allowing an unearned run on four hits with two walks and nine strikeouts (wish a Met other than Johan could give this type of performance). Evan Longoria is a stud, as he doubled, homered and drove in three in a 4-3 Rays win. I nearly had a shining moment, as midway through the game, a high foul fly came my way. We were in the second deck, just two rows back. I jumped out of my seat and had my glove at the ready. I was camped under the high lazy fly and just knew I’d catch my first-ever foul ball. Then it happened. Some moron from the upper deck reached over the railing, full extension, and dropped the ball. It tumbled into the lower deck and I stood there for a moment, pissed off and dejected. The people around me consoled me, saying “You would have had that, you were right under it.” And so it goes, no foul balls in nearly 35 years of baseball fandom. As for the Mets, I’ve read they were in quite an ugly contest with the Marlins last night, losing 7-6 in extra innings. The Mets rallied from a 6-1 seventh inning hole, mainly because Marlins pitchers couldn’t find the plate and Marlins fielders couldn’t make routine plays. John Maine was terrible and the Mets’ pen wasn’t much better, which will most likely be a recurring theme this year.


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