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First and foremost, hope my loyal readers (OK all 3 of you) had a wonderful holiday season. It’s been about two weeks or so since I’ve posted anything, but I’m back.
Since I last posted, the Mets signed Jason Bay. Good signing by Minaya, especially since he waited it out and didn’t give in to Bay’s agent, who was hoping for a guaranteed fifth year. Instead, Bay gets a four-year, $66 million contract (Omar’s first offer). That’s still a ton of money, but since the Mets were basically bidding against themselves, there was no need to up the offer, especially since there are many holes yet to be filled.
The team should now turn its attention to starting pitching, but the free agent options are less than stellar. Joel Pineiro, who has basically had one good season in the last five, wants three years and $30 million. Too much, too risky for the Mets. They’d be better signing a few guys coming off injuries to one-year, incentive-laden deals, where they might receive a No. 2 starter for a bargain-basement price. Guys like Ben Sheets, Erik Bedard and Chien-Ming Wang would fit into this category. However, if they sign a guy like that, it would behoove them to pursue an innings eater, maybe via trade.
I’ve heard names like Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo, and even Carlos Zambrano of the Cubs mentioned as possibilities. Since these guys have huge contracts, the Mets probably wouldn’t have to empty the farm system to acquire them. Something for Omar to consider.
Minaya is right to be patient on Bengie Molina as well. A 35-year-old slow-as-molasses catcher doesn’t need a three-year contract. That would be asinine. See if he’ll accept a two-year deal with a lower annual salary or a one-year deal with an option (with a highter annual salary). If he doesn’t agree, tell him to shove it and sign Rod Barajas or Yorvit Torrealba to a one-year deal.

Penn State wins:
Nice to see the Nittany Lions finish the year with a victory, as Penn State won the Capital One Bowl, 19-17, over LSU. I watched most of the first three quarters at my in-laws’ house before leaving for work. PSU was in control when I left, taking a 16-3 lead and dominating the action. Suffice to say, I was pretty shocked when I got to work 35 minutes later and LSU had a 17-16 lead. Thinking the Nittany Lions were about to lose another big game (their two losses came against the only ranked opponents they had faced in Iowa and Ohio State), the Lions rallied with a clock-eating fourth-quarter drive, capped by a Collin Wagner 21-yard field goal with 57 seconds left. It wasn’t over, as LSU got a nice kickoff return and immediately picked up a first down to cross midfield. But a questionable (ok downright awful) personal foul call on LSU when they were trying to rush back to the line to spike the ball pretty much ended the game. All and all, it was a pretty embarrassing game for the refs all around, as they earlier couldn’t keep track of the downs after a pair of penalties were called against Penn State. The Nittany Lions completed the season 11-2 and will likely finish in the Top 10. Not bad at all.

Soundgarden reuniting: I was excited to see a story on the Rolling Stone web site proclaiming a Soundgarden reunion. Chris Cornell confirmed the news on his Twitter page. Last year, there was news of an upcoming Soundgarden boxed set with rarities from their recording history. Now, we may get a new album or possibly a tour. Whatever happens, glad to see one of my favorite bands of all time together again.