Another bad day for the Mets

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Mets

While Omar Minaya sits in the fetal position somewhere, other GMs are actually doing something to improve their teams.
The first bit of bad news today was the signing of free agent pitcher John Lackey by the Red Sox.
Then, the bombshell. The Phillies acquired ace Roy Halladay in a three-team megatrade between themselves, Toronto and Seattle. Philadelphia reportedly is sending Cliff Lee to the Mariners, so I’m unsure if they actually will get better here. However, they’re also getting prospects back from the Mariners, including promising pitcher Philippe Aumont (according to reports). It remains unclear just what else the teams are getting. I’ve heard Kyle Drabek (the Phillies’ top pitching prospect) is involved, but maybe it’s J.A. Happ instead. One of the Phillies’ outfield prospects appears to be heading out in the deal, but no one knows just yet.
With Lackey and now Halladay off the market (as well as the previous signings of Randy Wolf and Rich Harden), the pitching choices are starting to get thin. Will the Mets pursue Joel Pineiro? How about Jason Marquis? Maybe guys coming off injuries like Ben Sheets?
One thing they shouldn’t do is give a three-year deal to aging catcher Bengie Molina. There are reports that Molina wants a three-year deal, but the Mets would be wise to avoid this.
At this point, it becomes necessary the Mets land Jason Bay or Matt Holliday. Then, they’ve got to upgrade the pitching somehow, but I’m not sure how much of an upgrade Pineiro and Marquis will provide (especially if they want huge contracts). One thing I know for sure, the Phillies continue to apply the pressure. Doubt they’ll be done making moves, as I’m sure they’ll add another starting pitcher to the mix, especially if Happ and Lee are gone. Would be nice to see the Mets’ GM do something besides sign 50 backup catchers.


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