A few Mets thoughts

Posted: December 13, 2009 in Mets

This past week’s Winter Meetings went by with nary a move by Omar Minaya, although he seemed to lay the groundwork on a few moves. The Mets offered contracts to outfielder Jason Bay and catcher Bengie Molina.
I’ve always been a fan of Bay, and his power bat would play well at CitiField. I prefer Matt Holliday, I just think he’s a little better hitter (and a bit younger) but I can understand targeting Bay, since he’ll likely cost a little less and the negotiations probably won’t take as long as Holliday (who is represented by Scott Boras, king of getting teams to overpay for his clients). I can take or leave Molina. He’s getting older and I’m hoping the Mets don’t offer much more than a year contract with an option (although it’ll probably be a two-year offer since guys like Ivan Rodriguez, the putrid Jason Kendall and Yorvit Torrealba are getting multi-year deals). Molina has some power, but his OBP is horrible and carrying him and Jeff Francoeur in the lineup would give the Mets two potential sub .300 OBP guys, which isn’t ideal to say the least.
The Mets have many holes to fill. I would somehow love if Omar could land Bay and free-agent prize pitcher John Lackey, although it appears the Mets will be able to land just one of the big three free agents (Lackey, Bay, Holliday). The rest of the pitching free agents are an underwhelming group (especially with Rich Harden and Randy Wolf now off the board). The Mets seem interested in Jason Marquis, which would be a fine back-of-the-rotation filler, although he’s wanting middle of the rotation money. They could take a flier on high-risk high-reward guys coming off injuries like Ben Sheets or Chien-Ming Wang, which would only enhance the need for an innings eater like Marquis. As a fan, it would have been nice to have a major signing already on the board, but we can’t really judge the offseason until February, so there’s plenty of time for Minaya to make quality additions. The gap between the Mets and Phillies has never been wider, and I’d take the Braves and Marlins’ pitching staffs over the Mets right now as well. Lots of work to be done, Omar. Get to it!


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