That was more like it

Posted: August 19, 2009 in Mets

The Mets fall 15-2 to the Braves tonight, with starter Bobby Parnell surrendering eight runs in the second inning. In fairness to him, a lot of grounders and bleeders got through early in the inning, and the frame should have ended much earlier than it did. With two outs and the Mets trailing 3-0, Garrett Anderson hit a grounder to shortstop Anderson Hernandez, who looked to second for the easy force, except Luis Castillo was nowhere to be found. Castillo has been much better this year at the plate, but his defensive lapses are unacceptable. Then again, the whole team looked like it was going through the motions, although I guess it’s tough not to when a team hangs an 8-spot on you in the second inning. Final game of the series tomorrow night, then the Phillies come in to take at least three of four.

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