Wright hit in the head; Mets fans could use a drink

Posted: August 15, 2009 in Mets

It’s been a horrendous season for the Mets, that we all know. The injuries, the front-office embarassments, the poor play. Add Saturday’s game against the Giants to the seemingly endless parade of horse manure also known as the Mets season.
First, David Wright gets hit in the head with an 0-2 fastball from the Giants’ Matt Cain. Wright went down in a heap at the plate for about two minutes and was immediately tended to by the Mets’ training staff (personally, I might have told the batboy to treat my injury if I was Wright, but that’s another story).
Eventually Wright walked off the field, but was taken to the hospital for a CT scan, which was negative. However, Wright has a conussion and who knows how long he’ll be out? I hope the team just puts the poor guy on the DL and lets him get well, unlike the Ryan Church fiasco from last year. The season is beyond lost, just do the right thing and put Wright out of his misery awhile, he’s seen enough.
Now on to Cain, who showed he was a punk-ass beotch with his actions later in the contest. As he left the field in the eighth, he tipped his hat to a pissed off CitiField crowd. Matt, you beaned the face of the franchise in the head, the one guy who has had the guts to play just about every game of this shipwreck of a season. You’re going to get booed, so just take it. Instead, it’s hat-tipping time.
But those two moments weren’t the only ones to draw my ire. Oh there were many others, as has been the case in just about every Mets loss this year. I love Johan Santana, I really do, especially since he was protecting Wright in the seventh by throwing at Pablo Sandoval. But instead of plunking him in the ribs, Johan throws it behind him. How do you miss this guy? He’s like 5-8, 400 pounds. Of course, Fats Sandoblob launches the next pitch for a home run. Typical. At least Johan plunked Bengie Molina in the next AB. Somehow he didn’t get tossed, although I’m sure he’ll be fined and possibly suspended for his actions. Molina would be heard from again, unfortunately.
The Mets rallied to tie the game in the eighth with RBI hits from Cory Sullivan and Fernando Tatis, as well as a game-tying sacrifice fly from Gary Sheffield. I honestly thought, ‘hey, this season is lost but wouldn’t it be great if the Mets can finish the comeback?” You know, with their fallen teammate in the hospital and everything, it would have been nice to post the W. Instead, the offense doesn’t get another hit and Molina naturally homers in the 10th off Francisco “Add me to the never-ending list of Met closers who make us reach for the Rolaids” Rodriguez. I’ll shoulder some of the blame here. I started this blog the night Luis Castillo dropped the A-Rod pop-up to hand K-Rod a blown save, a rarity at that time.
Ever since that play, Rodriguez has been pretty horrendous. I’m convinced if Mariano Rivera, Joe Nathan or Jonathan Papelbon joined the Mets, they’d instantly suck. Call it the Armando Benitez effect.
Whatever, the Mets are back to eight games under .500 and without Wright in the lineup, could field one of the weakest everyday lineups in team history when they take the field Sunday against Jonathan Sanchez and the Giants.
I’m off from work and off from the blog. Sorry I haven’t been posting more often lately, but quite frankly, what more can be said about this team? At least Giants season is coming up, as well as plenty of CDs in September that I’m looking forward to purchasing. I can write about something positive for a change. But until then, it’s more Mets misery……


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