Stop the presses: Mets win

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Mets

The Mets finished a horrendous road trip to NL West also-rans San Diego and Arizona on a positive note, topping the Diamondbacks 6-4 to avoid a three-game sweep. The victory capped a 2-5 road trip that sank the Mets further into the abyss of the NL East and wild card standings. In another “hate being right” instance, the Mets have totally gone in the tank after a trade deadline in which useless Omar Minaya made no moves. At that time, the Mets were 49-52 and had just reeled off a five-game winning streak to get within five games or so of the wild-card lead. He gave his team no boost, and they predictably sank with a 4-9 stretch to pretty much end the slim chances of contending this season. Anyway, on today’s game: Oliver Perez was erratic as usual but minimized the damage, giving up one run in his 5 1/3 innings. He walked six and struck out seven, tossing over 110 pitches in a typical inefficient outing. But I’ll say this for Ollie, he’s looked much better since coming off the DL last month (although he couldn’t have looked much worse). Pedro Feliciano allowed a pair of inherited runners to score, tying the game at 3 in the seventh, but the Mets actually picked up a pair of two-out RBI hits from Luis Castillo and Cory Sullivan, who delivered a run with his second triple of the game and fourth since his call-up a few weeks ago. The Mets added another in the ninth on a wild pitch, and Frankie Rodriguez closed out the win, although he allowed a two-out run to cross the plate. Mets are 53-61 and they can’t lose tomorrow, as they have an off day. They begin a four-game set with the Giants that might have mattered if this team hadn’t gone a combined 3-8 against the Padres and Diamondbacks over the last two weeks.

  1. ep says:

    I can’t imagine your pain this year. Looking at the previous post and that awesome lineup compared to preseason expectations, I can understand your desire for the NFL, and New York Giants 2009, to get under way.

  2. Andrew Sodergren says:

    Indeed. I’m actually excited for the Giants’ preseason opener against Carolina on Monday night and normally I hate exhibition football games, especially the early ones where you’re treated to a heavy dose of second, third and fourth stringers. Yet this year, I’m fully ready for it. A terrible baseball team will do that to you.

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