Shocker: Mets losing

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Mets

I’m about ready to leave work after a busy night of putting out a sports section. I’ve had the misfortune of following yet another Mets debacle online. The Mets are looking more and more like the worst team in the National League, as they continue to get beaten up by the other crap-stains of the NL. After losing three of four to the D-Backs last week, they’re down yet again to Arizona. It may be time the Mets start considering Mike Pelfrey as nothing more than a back-of-the-rotation starter. He’s wildly inconsistent, and aside from a two-month stretch last summer, he’s never resembled anything close to an ace. One of the many priorities in the offseason (hopefully engineered by a new GM) is finding that No. 2 starter this team sorely lacks. Of course, more offense is needed as well, something Omar and the tightwad Wilpons totally ignored. How good would Bobby Abreu have looked in this lineup? How about Adam Dunn? They definitely would have helped stem the tide when the injuries hit. Why is it that fans know what this team needs yet the boneheads running the organization never do? I’d love to see another Mets championship in my lifetime, but as long as the Wilpons are the team’s owners, I’m wondering if it’s possible.


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