Eight games under .500 and plummeting

Posted: August 9, 2009 in Mets

Unless the Mets get a gem from Johan Santana this afternoon, they’ll be swept in four games for the second straight season at Petco Park, home of the ridiculously crappy San Diego Padres. As bad as the Padres are, the Mets are obviously much worse right now. In recent months, they’ve been swept by the Pirates, lost 2 of 3 to the Nationals and 3 of 4 to the Diamondbacks. In a way, it’s good. They might as well tank the season and maybe Omar gets fired, although I doubt the tightwad Wilpons will fire him since they just signed him to the foolish extension last year. Plus, they’ll just play the injury card and use that as a blanket excuse for all that has ailed the organization this year (never mind the last two years). If the Mets finish in the bottom 10 of the MLB standings, they’ll get a protected first-round draft pick, which means they can’t lose it if they sign Type A free agents. They could (if the Wilpons open their wallets) sign guys like Matt Holliday or Jason Bay along with a pitcher like John Lackey and not worry about giving up the compensation pick (if I’m understanding the rules correctly). But with Mets’ fans luck, Omar would just whiff on the draft pick and sign some moldy old past-their-prime guys for well above market value. I just wish the Mets (and Wilpons) would do right by their fans and bring someone into the organization that knows what they’re doing. Or better yet, the Wilpons could just sell the team and someone who actually gives a damn about the product on the field could take over.


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