Mets playing shorthanded (AGAIN!)

Posted: August 7, 2009 in Mets

Luis Castillo is again out of tonight’s Mets lineup. He’s been out since Tuesday night, when he slipped and fell down the dugout stairs, injuring his ankle. The team says he won’t be available until at least Sunday, which of course means he won’t be available for another couple weeks. Gary Sheffield is also still out of the lineup, meaning Omar Minaya (for the umpteenth time this season) is forcing manager Jerry Manuel to play with a short bench. Now I know the cupboard is pretty bare in the Mets’ minor leagues (especially at second base) but couldn’t they put Castillo on the DL and call up Nick Evans for an extra bat. They just traded for Anderson Hernandez (in a move for yesterday’s garbage by Minaya), so between him, Alex Cora and Fernando Tatis, the Mets would have enough middle infielders. Or take someone off the 40-man and bring Ruben Tejada up for a look. I don’t think Tejada’s really ready, but he would have to be an upgrade over guys like Argenis Reyes and Angel Berroa, who they designated for assignment to put Hernandez on the roster. When a team is bad (which the Mets are right now), fans like myself find it easier to root for them when young guys are playing. At least the kids are hungry to show something. Mets take on the Padres later on tonight, with Oliver “Stealing Money” Perez taking on Kevin Correia.

  1. gravediggerhebner says:

    I hear you about Tejada, I’d love to get a look at him, but I understand why they haven’t called him up yet. They don’t have to protect him yet from rule 5 consideration, and they don’t want to start his service time for arbitration.

    I read on metsminorleagueblog that the prospect we’ll most likely see soon is Josh Thole because he will have to be protected on the 40 man roster this offseason or be subject to the rule 5 draft, and since they have to put him on the roster anyway…

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