Could we just fast forward to football?

Posted: August 4, 2009 in Mets
A winning image, one that reminds me that football is just around the corner.

A winning image, one that reminds me that football is just around the corner.

As Charlie Brown so eloquently put it after years of seeing Lucy pull the football from underneath him just as we was ready to finally kick the damn thing, UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! Last week, the Mets teased their fans by going on a five-game winning streak, making us believe they had some life. Well reality has struck once again and after losing three of four to the hapless Diamondbacks, the Mets dropped an excruciatingly horrendous contest to the St. Louis Cardinals tonight, 12-7. Johan Santana didn’t have great stuff but he battled through eight innings, leaving with a 7-5 lead. The Mets’ offense got to Joel Pineiro for a change, ripping him for seven runs in five innings then going to sleep the rest of the way against the dregs of the Cards’ pen (Dennys Reyes and Todd Wellemeyer in particular). Still, all seemed fine because Francisco Rodriguez was on to close the thing. Except of course, he didn’t close it. Rick Ankiel and Julio Lugo hit back-to-back doubles to lead off the inning, closing the gap to 7-6. After a strikeout, Skip Schumaker’s RBI single tied it at 7. Rodriguez then had to throw a ton of pitches to escape the inning, which was prolonged by an error by Angel “How the Hell Do I have a MLB job” Berroa. K-Rod finally escaped, and after the Mets staged a two-out rally to no avail in the bottom of the ninth, the real fun began. Brian Stokes entered the game and retired the only batter he faced. Jerry brings in Pedro Feliciano, who just didn’t have it. Still, when he struck Schumaker out for the second out of the inning, the game was still tied although the bases were loaded. Manuel summoned Sean “Could I Suck Any Worse?” Green, who promptly hits Mark DeRosa with his first pitch, forcing in the go-ahead run. Green then gets two quick strikes to Pujols and hangs a slider that is still traveling somewhere in space. Grand slam, 12-7, Mets suck. 50-56 and the season can’t end fast enough for me. Just wish someone other than Omar Minaya was running the ship. They need to bring in a new organization with a better idea of how to run a farm system (just about every Mets minor league team is awful this year). I’m hoping the Giants and Penn State have great seasons this year, I could certainly use one of my teams showing a pulse.

  1. gravediggerhebner says:

    With the Giants I have pretty high hopes. One thing I feel pretty confident about is that the team will give a good effort every week. It’s a small sample but I am pleased with Jerry Reese’s work so far & I look forward to seeing how the draft picks fit in. Off the top of my head the receiving corps seems the biggest question mark, then the linebackers. If those areas are good enough, unless I’m forgetting/overlooking something, the team should be making us happy well into the new year. So we just have to make it til 8/17 and the 1st pre season game. 2 weeks. Right now is a good time to go on vacation if possible.

  2. Andrew Sodergren says:

    I agree on Reese and the Giants. He’s done a tremendous job, with most of his draft picks making the team and contributing (even the fourth through seventh rounders). Receiver is the definite question mark, but if one of the draft picks steps up, they should be OK. Still wouldn’t mind them bringing in a veteran receiver, because they’re awfully young there. The defensive line should be awesome again, and the running game as well.

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