Minaya has the Mets shorthanded (again)

Posted: July 24, 2009 in Mets

I honestly don’t know why Omar Minaya insists on having his team play shorthanded. He’s doing it again with Gary Sheffield’s hamstring injury, which is being called a “cramp” by the crack Mets medical staff, who I wouldn’t trust to treat me for a headache. Sheff’s been out a week with no signs of returning, leaving the already weakened Mets playing a man down. Actually, they’re playing two men down right now as Alex Cora’s bum thumb has flared up. I know the replacement options are thin, thanks to a bad farm system led by Tony “Fight Club” Bernazard. But you can’t keep hanging your manager out to dry by giving him a shorthanded team. Minaya simply cannot manage a roster, and I’m so tired of him and his regime. The guy comes off as a complete moron in press conferences and the organization is in general disarray, from the ownership on down. What a travesty, and it’s only getting worse. To add to my ticked off baseball mood (I’m having a great day with my wife otherwise) are reports that the Phillies are closing in on ace righty Roy Halladay of the Toronto Blue Jays. If they get him, you might as well hand them the NL East title not only this year, but likely next year as well (especially if Omoron Minaya continues to run this terrible show). Baseball is my favorite sport by far and the Mets my favorite team of any sport and it’s not close, but this season and the multiple embarassments/injuries has me ready for football like never before. Bring on Giants’ season, an organization that actually has a clue with what it’s doing regarding young talent (great drafts of late) and putting a quality product on the field.


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