Reports: Bernazard challenges B-Mets to fight

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Mets

UPDATE: Omar Minaya just had a press conference where he said the word “investigate” over and over. The Mets are apparently looking into the incident, although you just know they knew about it already. Also, Francisco Rodriguez confirmed an incident he had with Bernazard on the team bus in Atlanta. If Bernazard keeps his job through all of this, this organization truly is a lost cause.

And the hits keep coming, literally and figuratively for the dysfunctional Mets organization. According to the New York Daily News (story link included below) Mets Vice President for Player Development Tony Bernazard recently challenged the whole Binghamton Mets team to a fight in a postgame tirade, even taking his shirt off to show he was serious I guess. Although he challenged the entire team to a brawl, I guess the player who drew the most ire was infielder Jose Coronado, who Bernazard allegedly called a derogatory term used to describe a part of the female anatomy (it starts with c, folks). He also recently ripped one of his own staffers in front of fans and scouts during a recent minor-league game. This is the same guy who reportedly was laughing like a schoolgirl when Omar Minaya gutlessly fired Willie Randolph after allowing the manager to fly across the country and guide the Mets through the first game of a series in Los Angeles. There are so many things I can say about these latest incidents. The fight challenge allegedly happened before the All-Star break, at least two weeks ago. Did the Mets know about this the whole time? Did they try to cover it up and then it leaked to the press? If Bernazard indeed challenged 19 and 20-year old kids to a fight, he should be fired, no questions asked. This guy is a loose cannon that needs to go. And since Bernazard was Omar’s hire, it’s another awful reflection of the leadership during the Minaya years. It seems ever since Carlos Beltran took strike three to end Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS, everything has gone seriously awry for this organization. It’s time for a new start, and the team can make the first move by firing this bozo Bernazard.

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