Good news, bad news for Mets

Posted: July 20, 2009 in Mets

I’m going to play a game of good news, bad news regarding tonight’s 6-2 win over the Washington Nationals and the team in general.
GOOD NEWS:The Mets won a game in pretty convincing fashion.
BAD NEWS: The victory came against the Washington Nationals, hardly a major-league team.
GOOD NEWS: The Mets rocked rookie scrub J.D. Martin for five runs in the first two innings.
BAD NEWS: The Mets mustered just one hit through the final five innings off the wondrous duo of Tyler Clippard and Logan Kensing.
GOOD NEWS:Livan Hernandez turned things around, tossing seven strong innings and allowing two runs.
BAD NEWS: Again, it came at the expense of the Nationals, a team he owns and if I’m not mistaken, a team he’s beaten three times already this year.
GOOD NEWS: Jeff Francoeur had a great night at the plate, going 3-for-4 with an RBI double and solo homer.
BAD NEWS:David Wright really needs a day off, as he looked lost against the crappy Nats’ pitching staff.
GOOD NEWS:The Mets are now 9-2 against the lowly Nats, taking care of business against an inferior team.
BAD NEWS:The Mets are 35-46 against teams not named the Nationals, which means they’re better than Washington but that’s about it.
The Mets resume their series against the Nationals Tuesday night with Oliver Perez taking on John Lannan, who has one of thet two Nats wins against the Mets this year, a complete-game 7-1 victory in June.

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