Last night’s travesty

Posted: July 18, 2009 in Odds and Sods

Direct Tv is offering their free MLB package this weekend (like they do in the first week of the season), and I was excited to get to see the Mets game last night. My wife Tina’s a Tigers fan, so we agreed to flip back and forth between the Tigers-Yanks and Mets-Braves games. We got back home around 8, and the Mets were already down 3-0. Seems every time we switched the game back on from the Tiger game, the Mets were losing worse in increments of three, first 3-0, 6-0 and then 9-0. That’s when we decided to keep the Tigers game on for good. Then Mark Texieira blasted a three-run homer in the bottom of the seventh off Joel Zumaya to give the Yanks the lead, when my wife disgustingly turned off the TV and we headed to bed. What a bad baseball night for our house, but at least her team is in first place, while the Mets are just a flat-out horrible team right now. My white flag of surrender has been brought out. Haven’t waved it just yet, but a sweep by the Braves could do it. The Mets have their best chance to win a game in this series this afternoon with Johan taking on Kenshin Kawakami in a nationally televised game (the rest of the nation gets to see how bad the Mets are two days in a row, YAY). Meanwhile, Omar sits on his thumbs waiting for the injured cavalry to return. By then, it won’t matter as this team will be 12-15 games out.

  1. Stan Yann says:

    Mark Texieira is my hero!

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