The Nirvana album that never was

Posted: July 15, 2009 in Odds and Sods

The home demo "Do Re Mi," recorded in early 1994 just prior to Kurt Cobain's suicide, is one of the prettiest songs he ever wrote.
On my way to work today, I was cranking up disc 3 of the wonderful 2004 Nirvana box set With the Lights Out, a collection of unreleased tracks, live performances and home demos. The next-to-last track on the set is quite possibly the loveliest song Kurt Cobain ever put to tape, simply titled Do Re Mi. The song was one of the last demos Cobain recorded before his suicide in 1994 and predictably, it finds him at his most melodic and vulnerable. But the song really isn’t depressing, it’s just a pretty little tune that gave some indication that had it ever come, the next Nirvana album would have been quite a departure from the ones before it. It’s a rough home demo, and sometimes you can’t make out all the words because of the relative poor quality of the tape (although it was been cleaned up quite a bit for the box set) but here, just like in the wonderful MTV Unplugged performance, you get to see what a wonderful singer and songwriter Cobain was. It’s a melody that gets into your head immediately and Cobain strums on the acoustic guitar beautifully. It sends chills up my spine every time I hear it, partly because its an awesome song, but mainly because of the circumstances that followed its recording. In a few short weeks, Cobain would be gone and a great talent lost at age 27. But as a fan, I’m so thankful for the wonderful songs left behind.

  1. ep says:

    Every time I hear a Nirvana song I find myself wondering how much greatness we missed.

  2. gravediggerhebner says:

    I love what he did while he was here, Nirvana’s music was often present in some of the most memorable moments of my life so far, but he took the cowards way out and tarnished his legacy. Leaving a 2 year old child behind is just not hip or cool.

    But for everything prior to that, thanks for sharing Kurt, good stuff.

  3. Andrew Sodergren says:

    As someone who has had issues with depression before, it’s really no joke. Add in Cobain’s rampant drug abuse and the ending was somewhat predictable yet still sad. Luckily I never used drugs or abused alcohol, as the combination of factors (in addition to Cobain’s lack of self-esteem despite tremendous success), led to this very tragic ending. He also had a very toxic relationship with wife Courtney Love, the Yoko Ono of the Nirvana camp (to this day, Grohl and Noveselic pretty much despise her which was why the box set took so long to come out), and someone who was a big enabler for Cobain because she had big-time drug problems of her own….

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