Posted: July 10, 2009 in Mets

Well, that was a pathetic display.
Bronson Arroyo, who always dominates the Mets no matter how poor he’s pitching (this time he had an ERA over 10 in his last three games), toyed with the remains of the New York lineup tonight, scattering four hits in a 3-0 Reds victory.
All the hits were singles (Daniel Murphy had two of them), and I don’t recall a Mets runner reaching scoring position tonight.
Fernando Nieve pitched a decent game tonight, not great but certainly well enough to win if the Mets didn’t have a collection of corpses swinging the bats. Nieve went six innings, giving up all three runs on eight hits. He also had one of the four hits tonight, raising his average to .375 (Jerry probably should have just let Nieve hit after the great Argenis Reyes led off the sixth with a bunt single to raise his average over .100). The Mets’ freefall takes them to 40-45, now 6.5 games off the Phillies’ pace. I’m now of the belief that the Mets should try to deal any veterans other teams might find useful, hopefully getting some youth in return. There really aren’t a lot of vets that fit this mold, but maybe an AL team could use Gary Sheffield as a DH. A contender could certainly use Pedro Feliciano, he’s a great lefty specialist. Build for the future, I say. This season is a lost cause.

  1. gravediggerhebner says:

    I like that phrase “toyed with the remains…” it’s vivid and accurate.

    • Andrew Sodergren says:

      Thanks. I really feel bad for the people who are paying hard-earned money for CitiField tickets this year. They deserve something for watching this team. Maybe a free hot dog for any fan that remembers the last Mets homer, given the fact it seemingly ocurred sometime during the Reagan administration.

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