Tonight’s lineup (updated)

Posted: July 10, 2009 in Mets

Here’s tonight’s lineup for Game 1 against the Reds (Nieve vs. Bronson Arroyo)
Angel Pagan, CF
Alex Cora, SS
Daniel Murphy, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Jeremy Reed, RF
Fernando Tatis, LF
Brian Schneider, C
Argenis Reyes, 2b
Fernando Nieve, P

The good news? Angel Pagan was activated from the DL and gets the start in center. I really like this guy and just wish he could stay healthy. He’s shown flashes of being an excellent fourth outfielder for the Mets. The bad news? Argenis Reyes and his sub .100 batting average is in the lineup at second base. I know the Mets are thin on the infield, but I’d at least like a guy on the team that could hit it out of the infield every once in awhile. Maybe tonight’s the night Reyes can roll one through. How about calling up Javier Castillo, hitting .326 for Buffalo with some decent pop, instead of Argenis Reyes? Couldn’t hurt to try somebody new. If you lose Reyes to a waiver claim, what’s the big deal (other than checking the GM that claimed him and making sure they have a functional brain). And another note, Daniel Murphy is back in the lineup and hitting third. Talk about mixed messages. You have a great game only to get benched, and Jerry turns around and sticks you in the 3 hole? Must be fun being Murph and never knowing where you stand with the pea-brained Manuel. Sorry folks, but this team’s play has made me come off sounding like a bitter old man. I’m only 33, but the Mets have aged me significantly these last three or so years…..


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