Mets prospects had better be good

Posted: July 10, 2009 in Mets

I’ve been reading on various web sites/blogs that the Mets most likely won’t join the Roy Halladay sweepstakes? Why you may ask?
Omar Minaya loves his prospects and doesn’t want to part with them, namely pitchers Brad Holt and Jenrry Mejia, outfielder Fernando Martinez and first baseman Ike Davis.
I think this is ludicrous, but what do I know?
While I admit this season is likely a lost cause, getting a guy like Halladay would be for next year (and hopefully beyond if you can sign him to an extension) as well, since his contract is up in 2010.
I love when prospects get to the bigs and succeed, but you really never know what you’re going to get with them. Holt and Mejia may or may not become future aces, but Halladay is one now and will likely be one for several more years (he’s only 32). Having him and Johan Santana at the top of the rotation would give the Mets a dominant 1-2 punch. We don’t know if Holt or Mejia will become half of what Halladay is right now.
While I wouldn’t want to part with all four of these prospects in a deal for Halladay, I could see including at least two of them along with a few other high-ceiling prospects (Wilmer Flores comes to mind). The cynical side of me believes that the Wilpons may have told Omar to stand pat and not take on bigger salaries like Halladay’s. Maybe the whole Bernie Madoff snafu is hurting the Wilpons’ pocketbooks more than they let on.
If the Mets don’t pull a major deal for Halladay or a big-time, young bat, I’ll be rooting like hell for the Mets’ prospects.
They had just better be good, or we’ll all be cursing the day they might have been traded for a proven star.

  1. gravediggerhebner says:

    Just next year alone, Halladay $15.75 million and Santana $21 million. Santana goes $22.5, $24, $25.5 and $25 through 2014. For what the Mets would have to give up to get Halladay, they would really want to re-sign him, and he would likely expect Santana money. Can we really envision our NY Mets with 2 $25 million dollar pitchers through 2014? I can’t. I believe that, in a vacuum, Halladay would help the Mets tremendously and that the Mets have enough prospects who have enough value to get him. But I don’t believe we have those prospects at the positions Toronto covets them at (SS, for example) and I don’t believe the Mets will have 2 $25 million dollar pitchers simultaneously any time soon.

    • Andrew Sodergren says:

      I suppose you’re right. It would be hard to envision a pair of $25 million per year arms on the Mets. I’m fine if the Mets don’t get him, as long as the Phillies don’t. A Hamels-Halladay 1-2 punch would be tough to get around the next several years.

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