The Halladay sweepstakes

Posted: July 7, 2009 in Mets

Roy Halladay and Johan Santana would make one killer top of a rotation. A guy can dream, right?

Roy Halladay and Johan Santana would make one killer top of a rotation. A guy can dream, right?

I’ve read reports online that the Blue Jays may soon put Roy Halladay on the trading block.
Now, I’m sure there will be a ton of teams lining up for his services if this is true, and the Mets have to be one of them, regardless of whether this season is salvageable or not.
Halladay is signed through 2010, meaning he won’t be just a three-month rental for any team that acquires him.
I believe teams like the Red Sox and Yankees will get in on him, because not only do they have the money to re-sign him to a long-term extension, they’ve got deeper farm systems (especially the Red Sox) than the Mets.
I’ve heard the Phillies will get involved as well, as they also seem to have prospects to deal.
The Mets have prospects as well, but will Omar Minaya part with them?
It’s probably going to take at least three top prospects, maybe more to land the ace righty. So if it’s the Mets, think Fernando Martinez, Brad Holt/Jennry Mejia, and Wilmer Flores and perhaps Daniel Murphy/Nick Evans as well, and even then it probably doesn’t get it done.
Still, this is one guy I’d roll the red carpet out for. A top of the rotation featuring Johan Santana, Roy Halladay and the improving young Mike Pelfrey would be formidable indeed. And if it comes down to it, do Mets fans really want the Phillies getting him? Think Hamels and Halladay wouldn’t be a scary duo?
Again, this would be a move made with not only this year but next year in mind. And if you can somehow sign him to a longterm extension, you’ve got to do it right away. This guy is a horse, one of the few guys I’d empty the farm to get. What do you guys think?


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