Phillies score 22

Posted: July 6, 2009 in Mets

No, that’s not a misprint. The Philadelphia Phillies scored 22 runs tonight, pulverizing the Cincinnati Reds 22-1.
It appears the Phillies just might be tired of letting all the other also-rans (including the Mets) hang around in the NL East and they appear ready to assert themselves. It’s the fourth straight win for the Phillies, as they scored 10 runs in the first, nine off a good pitcher in Johnny Cueto. The idle Mets slip to 4 1/2 back, where they’ll be at the start of Tuesday’s series against the Dodgers. Clayton Kershaw against Mike Pelfrey in Game 1. The Braves lost tonight, allowing the Mets to gain a spot in the standings without playing. If only they could do this every night (not play that is, although one can make an argument the Mets don’t play on days they have games).

  1. ep says:

    I always check Yahoo Sports before I start my sports pages at night, scan the headlines and check to see if one of the Philly teams has played.
    I scrolled down to the MLB box tonight and thought my eyes were deceiving me. I had just typed up a 30-inch Little League All-Stars/Legion/North Branch League roundup that included a couple 10-run innings.
    Had to chuckle at the expense of the Reds. Was surprised it was Cueto though. As you said, he’s a good young pitcher.
    And, as for the Mets: Santana has been a second-half stud throughout his career, they’ll get Reyes back and Wright will get (heh, heh) right. They’ve got too much talent to not make a pennant race out of it.

    • Andrew Sodergren says:

      The problem is, by the time Beltran, Reyes and Delgado get back, I fear they’ll be way out of it. Minaya put too much faith in Daniel Murphy in the offseason, which prevented him (and the Wilpons’ financial situation) from picking up another bat for the outfield (ie Dunn, Ibanez). This homestand against the Dodgers and Reds will determine a lot about what gets done before the trading deadline. A solid 4-2 homestand leaves the Mets right in the thick of the chase. However, if they go 2-4 or 1-5, they may become sellers (if they have any parts other teams even want at this point).

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