Swept away

Posted: July 5, 2009 in Mets

Joe Blanton (pictured) dominated the Mets, blanking them on four hits through 7 1/3 innings.

Joe Blanton (pictured) dominated the Mets, blanking them on four hits through 7 1/3 innings.

The Phillies may have their problems, but is very apparent they’re light years better than the Mess right now.
In the Mets’ best chance at a win against their rivals, Johan Santana pitched well, just not well enough (hell, you’ve got to throw a shutout these days due to the Mets horrendous offense). Santana gave up a solo homer to Jimmy Rollins leading off the game and another to Chase Utley with two outs in the sixth. That was it, but that was the final.
2-0 Phillies.
Joe Blanton, who’s right up there with Sid Fernandez in the Rotund Pitcher Hall of Fame, pitched brilliantly, although Stevie Wonder just might be able to blank the Mets these days. Blanton pitched into the eighth inning before presumably leaving for an all-you-can eat buffet somewhere. Sorry, in a bad mood. Blanton pitched well and is coming around for the Phillies after a rough start. In fact, both he and Jamie Moyer are pitching better of late, leaving the Phils’ rotation in better shape than the Mets at this point.
The Mets had two golden opportunities in this one, getting the first two men on in the sixth and putting two on with one out in the eighth. The Mets eventually loaded the bases with one out in the sixth, but David Wright, who has come up short time and again in big spots this year, rapped into a double play to end the inning. Blanton gave up a single to Castillo and struck out pinch-hitter Gary Sheffield before leaving in the eighth. J.C. “Banned Substance” Romero hit Cora with a pitch and was relieved by Chan Ho Park. Fernando Tatis, who seems to hit into a double play every game, hit into one in the 8th and that was it. Brad Lidge struck out the side in the ninth and the Mets were done, just as their season may be.
Consider this: The Mets were outscored 13-3 in this series and never led in any game. Two of their starters looked pretty bad (Livan especially) and their defense was absolutely atrocious. The Mets are now 39-42 and although they’re still technically in it at four games back, they’re nowhere near good as the Phillies, Marlins or Braves as currently constructed. Maybe Oliver Perez can give this team a lift, if the good Ollie shows up. But I’m not betting on it. I’m really starting to believe that the team needs a fresh start, cut ties with Minaya and Manuel and start anew with fresh faces, someone not around during past collapses. The Mets have played lackluster baseball for a good part of three seasons now, and as a fan, I’m tired of it.
Dodgers come to CitiField next, looking for another sweep. Maybe Ryan Church can touch third base this time….

Up to date standings
Philadelphia 42-37 —
Florida 43-40 1
Atlanta 39-42 4
METS 39-42 4


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