A hat tip to Roger Federer (and Andy Roddick)

Posted: July 5, 2009 in Odds and Sods

An absolute classic of a Wimbledon final was played today, with Roger Federer outlasting Andy Roddick in five sets to win his 15th major title, breaking the mark he shared with Pete Sampras and putting Federer all alone at the top of the Grand Slam champion list. It wasn’t easy, as Roddick gave Federer everything he could handle in the Swiss star’s 5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6, 16-14 (wow!) victory. The match started at 9 a.m. and wasn’t finished until 1:45. Roddick easily could have folded (and in the past he might have) after dropping two close tiebreakers, but instead he rallied and sent it to the grueling fifth set. Roddick’s serve was brilliant all tournament and he wasn’t broken in this one until the very last game. Congrats to both players on an awesome display of tennis.

  1. ep says:

    Had a Twitter argument with a guy who said the match was long and “boring” because it lasted five sets.
    He suggested three-set matches instead.
    I told him, three-set matches would be like cutting NBA, MLB and NHL finals down to 5-game series.
    Don’t know if I could ever call a third-set epic after some of the fifth sets I’ve seen in majors over the years.
    Sunday’s fifth set was exactly as you said above, grueling and awesome tennis.
    Maybe Roddick gets it. I had written him off until that match Sunday.
    Now I’m intrigued by potential Roddick/Federer/Nadal battles at the U.S. Open this year.

    • Andrew Sodergren says:

      Yeah, cutting Grand Slam matches to three sets would be a travesty. There’s a lot of drama to see two guys go at it for four-plus hours, as you’re waiting to see who blinks first, who finally gets weary, who’s going to make that critical mistake. I think true champions (like Federer) are the ones who can summon up the strength and moxie to deliver the big points when they may not have much left in the tank. Gotta keep the men’s Grand Slams at five sets. Too much drama would be lost if they changed it.

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