Sometimes it just isn’t your year

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Mets

As if all the injuries weren’t enough of a sign that 2009 just won’t be the Mets’ year, consider the Mets’ top half of the sixth today against the Phillies. Alex Cora leads off with a single and then David Wright hits an absolute bullet that either hits the mound or climbs the leg of Jamie Moyer to pop straight into the air. Moyer collects himself and throws to first for the easy out. With Cora now at second, Gary Sheffield lines a screamer right at third baseman Pedro Feliz. The ball looked like a sure double off the bat but it wasn’t meant to be. And as I type this, David Wright apparently gets called off by a fan and lets a foul popup drop to the ground. That of course leads to a walk by power-hitter deluxe Paul Bako. What a team!
UPDATE: Omir Santos just dropped a foul popup that would have retired Shane Victorino. The Mets have now given the Phillies five outs this inning. I’m sure Victorino will make the Mets pay now. %*#$@$!!!!
And naturally, Victorino singles up the middle, Ryan Church makes one of the worst throws you’ll ever see and it’s 4-1 Philadelphia. Omar Minaya should have been fired yesterday for this mess. Yes, the team has injuries, but the Mets have no organizational depth and a pretty suspect farm system, save for a few decent prospects. I absolutely loathe the Mets right now, yet I’ll keep coming back for more punishment.


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