Great win for the Mets

Posted: July 2, 2009 in Mets

I don’t have a ton of time to post tonight, but I just had to come on here and voice my approval over today’s effort, a 9-8, 10-inning, emotional roller-coaster of a win.
The Mets fell behind 5-0 early due to a putrid effort from Tim Redding (who may have bought his ticket out of the rotation), but the Mets scored six runs in the fifth and two more in the sixth care of a Fernando Tatis two-run bomb. Tatis, the subject of many fans’ ire (including myself) for his impeccable knack of grounding into a DP, has shown signs of life. He had three hits today and hit the ball well in Milwaukee.
However, this game was far from over as Pedro Feliciano gave up a homer to Garrett Jones in the seventh and Frankie Rodriguez continued his struggles of late with a rare blown save, just two batters into his outing (Sanchez singled and Adam LaRoche homered). He nearly blew the game, but got Brandon Moss on a liner to second with runners on first and third to end the ninth.
The Mets then staged a two-out rally in the 10th, with Tatis getting hit by a pitch and stealing second ahead of a Ryan Church single. Church is also getting hot, which is good news heading into the Philly series. The Mets are back at .500 and better yet, showed a great determination and will to win today when the game could have been lost a few times. Nice job, guys. On to the Phillies.


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