Cards acquire DeRosa

Posted: June 28, 2009 in Mets

Well, there’s one guy the Mets won’t be getting via trade. The St. Louis Cardinals picked up Mark DeRosa from the Indians tonight, sending reliever Chris Perez and the ever-popular player to be named later. DeRosa is a guy I’ve always liked, and his versatility could sure help the MASH Unit Mets right now. If all the Cards gave up was Perez and another prospect, I wonder if DeRosa could have been had for Bobby Parnell/Eddie Kunz and a lower-level prospect. Guess we’ll never know. I’m torn on what to do, and maybe Omar is, too. The Mets are the very definition of medicore, hovering at a game above .500. Yet they’re just 1 1/2 games out of first place in a winnable NL East. But it could be fool’s gold. I mean even if the Mets do pick up someone, they’re really not going anywhere unless one or two of their stars come back from injury soon. And it looks like Reyes, Beltran and Delgado will be out for a long time yet, so what’s one move going to do for this team. Yet if Omar could somehow pull a rabbit out of his hat and bring in two or three useful players in a deal (perhaps a decent starting pitcher and a few bats), that would work. Problem is, so many teams still feel like they’re in the race, and they’re aren’t that many sellers. There really might not be a deal to be had right now, although DeRosa certainly would have been a step in the right direction. A Wright-Sheffield-DeRosa middle of the lineup isn’t quite a murderer’s row, but it would be much better than the lineup cards that have Ryan Church hitting cleanup.
I’d also make a play for Adam Dunn, who the Mets foolishly declined to pursue during last offseason. He’s signed through next year and can play first and outfield (albeit neither of them well). His power and on-base ability would also boost this sagging offense. Should be an interesting month. If the Phillies or Marlins get hot, the Mets could be out of it in a month. But if each team continues to tread water, it enhances the Mets’ chances because they’ll be getting some players back in the coming weeks (hopefully).


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