Subway slaughter

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Mets

A.J. Burnett has tossed 14 shutout innings in his two starts against the Mets this year. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

A.J. Burnett has tossed 14 shutout innings in his two starts against the Mets this year. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

That’s the combined score of the last three Mets-Yankees games. The latest blowout was tonight’s 5-0 snoozefest in which a nasty A.J. Burnett and two relievers combined for a one-hit shutout.
Alex Cora’s leadoff single in the sixth was the only hit of the game for the Mets, and Burnett dominated them for the second time this season. The former Met farmhand from long ago walked three and struck out 10, but it seems anyone could have done that to the lineup the Mets fielded tonight.
Argenis “Why am I in the Majors” Reyes batted second and Ryan Church, the same Ryan Church who is hitting .268 with two homers, batted cleanup. This lineup, decimated by injuries, is punchless. I’m still amazed how they scored three runs off Chris Carpenter on Thursday.
Tim Redding actually looked good early on, allowing one run (a Nick Swisher homer) on two hits through five innings. But with his pitch count climbing and the veteran Yankee lineup seeing him a third time through the order, Redding predictably fell apart in the sixth. Mark Teixiera doubled with one out and A-Rod knocked him home with a single. Robinson Cano doubled on the next pitch to chase A-Rod to third and that would be all for Redding. Except it wasn’t. His pitch count at 102 and with balls flying all over the yard in the sixth, everyone knew Redding was done. Except Jerryatric Manuel. With Brian Stokes heating up in the pen and a base open, Manuel allowed Redding to face Jorge Posada. Naturally, Posada blasts a 3-run homer to chase Redding, again a batter too late. I guess in the grand scheme of things, it really didn’t matter as the Mets had as much a chance of coming back in this game as I have of winning a marathon, but that’s not the point. Jerry seems like a nice guy. Very affable with the media and his players seem to like him enough. But he just doesn’t seem to have a plan. He often says one thing and does another. He has said he’ll play the hot hand, yet benches Church early in the season when he was hitting .350. Does the same thing to Murphy. Actually has done this to Murphy several times. It’s disheartening. Manuel has turned out to be a near carbon-copy of Willie Randolph strategy wise. He just smiles more and has a better relationship with the media. Phillies slaughtered the Jays 10-0 today, so the Mets slip to 1 1/2 back. It’s amazing they’re this close.
Updated standings:
Philadelphia 38-34 —
METS 37-36 1.5
Florida 38-38 2


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