Well that certainly sucked

Posted: June 26, 2009 in Mets

In a game that was over in the second inning, the Mets fell 9-1 tonight to the Yankees.
The Mets’ brutal defense in the second contributed to four Yankees runs, and with the way CC Sabathia was throwing, you just knew the Mets weren’t coming back.
Mike Pelfrey, in what is becoming an alarming trend, was again victimized by one bad inning. In last Sunday’s loss to the Rays, Pelfrey was cruising along through four, then fell apart in the fifth.
Melky Cabrera opened the second with a weak dribbler that David Wright probably should have eaten. Instead, he naturally throws it away and the Yanks are in business. Ramiro Pena doubled in a run and Sabathia singled him home for a 2-0 lead. Two more errors led to two more runs and Sabathia cruised through the first four innings. Gary Sheffield homered to lead off the fifth and the Mets actually had a chance to do more damage when Fernando Tatis and Nick Evans hit back to back singles. Sabathia fanned Omir Santos and then brilliant Jerry Manuel sends up the great Argenis Reyes to pinch hit. I would have rather seen Mike Pelfrey hit, honest to God. If you’re going to pinch hit there, you’ve got to bring someone up that has a chance of hitting one out of the park, which Reyes obviously doesn’t. This might be your only chance to do something against CC (turned out it was) and you send up Reyes? He’s a switch-hitter, yes, but pretty bad from the right side (OK so he’s bad from both sides). Daniel Murphy, who for some unknown reason seems to be in Manuel’s doghouse, should have been sent up there. He can hit lefties, actually has better numbers against them than righties. Why are managers so hellbent on matchups? Oh, CC’s a lefty, so I have to send a righty up there, even though he’s a terrible hitter. Again, let Pelfrey hit there if this is the move you’re going to make. He had settled into a nice groove by then. Of course, Reyes strikes out and that was all she wrote. Elmer Dessens gave up homers to Brett Gardner and Alex Rodriguez in the eighth, living up to his usual suckitude and the Mets went meekly in the final two innings against the great Brett Tomko. The stars (or at least the starting pitchers) are aligned against the Mets for Saturday’s game, with A.J. Burnett taking the mound against Tim Redding. Burnett dominated the Mets two weeks ago, and while Redding pitched pretty well against the Cardinals the other night, he’s still Tim Redding. Maybe Murphy can actually get into the starting lineup tomorrow, or maybe Jerry will continue to show his ridiculous man-crush for Fernando Tatis. Note to Jerry: Last year was nice and all for Tatis, but this is the same guy that was out of the majors for a good part of four years. There’s a reason for that, but I doubt Jerry knows or cares. One saving grace: the Phillies and Marlins both lost in a ridiculously mediocre NL East, leaving the standings as follows:
Philadelphia 37-34 —
METS 37-35 .5
Florida 38-37 1

  1. Willis Wilburtson says:

    Yankees, Yankees, Yankees … They win all the games … Yankees, Yankees, Yankess … Yankees, Yankees, Yankees!

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