Woe are the Mets

Posted: June 21, 2009 in Odds and Sods

Well, today started out promising for me.
Went out to church and later took my father-in-law to a Father’s Day dinner at a local sports bar.
Feeling good about the Mets’ chances for some reason, I had the waitress put the Mets’ game on.
Sure enough, they went up 2-0 in the second. Mike Pelfrey was cruising through four, life was good.
Then the Mets happened.
I didn’t even see the carnage in the fifth. I left the sports bar after Pelfrey retired the side in the fourth on a strikeout of Gabe Gross, having to rush home and get ready for work.
In the 20 minutes or so it took to get home, the Mets had squandered their lead and it was 4-2.
I checked the score later on my drive to work (I’m an addict what can I say) and Brian Schneider had put the Mets up 5-4 with a three-run homer. Life looked good again.
Then the Mets happened a second, third and fourth time.
Jerry Manuel’s obsession of running the same relievers out there day after day is getting old. Bobby Parnell, who looked great early in the season, is clearly tired. He didn’t retire a batter in the seventh, seing his once pristine ERA balloon to 5.00. What’s worse, little-used Brian Stokes had retired the side with a clean sixth, why not let him start the seventh as well? Ken Takahashi cleaned up Parnell’s mess, allowing one inherited run to score but otherwise looking good. Again, Manuel lifts the mothball-collecting Tak for a tired Sean Green. Bam, 3 straight hits and Pedro Feliciano is in.
Feliciano has appeared in 40 of the team’s 67 games this year. He’s been great, but he’s not God. You can’t throw him every day, Jerry. Why have three relievers (Stokes, Takahashi and Jon Switzer) on the team that never get use? It’s ludicrous and it’s costing the Mets games.
The bullpen, once a perceived strength on this team (after last year’s horrendous pens) is now another glaring weakness you can chalk up to poor management.
Mets lose 10-6, yet remain two games out despite a lackluster 34-33 record. The Cardinals and red-hot Albert Pujols come into town for a four-game set. Joy of joys.


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